Thursday, October 22, 2009

Stained Glass Window Panels

Stained glass window panels are very beautiful when it comes to decorating. Seeing stained glass in a modern home isn’t necessarily a new thing, but it does definitely seem to be getting more and more popular. Because when it comes to home construction many houses are being built with stained-glass windows in mind, because of the way it changes the feel of the atmosphere and the aura that comes with the window designs and colors.

Glass has been around since the ancient times made into things like vases and perfume bottles. Stained Glass window panels started being produce in the fourth century. The Christian churches really took a liking to these kind of window panels which I’m sure is how most people are familiar with stained-glass windows.

Of course over time things changes because in the 19 and 20th century people who were better off money wise started using them in their own homes. And once again they also became very popular in the churches

Stained glass windows panels in the 21st century have remained popular in the restoration of old homes and in the construction of new homes. The reason they add these window panels is very obvious  it’s because it’s eye catching to the future home owner and the way it’s light up a room is a very gorgeous incentive for the them to purchase the home.

Stained glass can be described as magical from the youngest of children to the most respected elder, it has that power to catch and hold your attention. Which is why so many are looking into these kinds of window panels for their very own home. Every time you pass by your window you see a different kind of perspective, color, or view of the world, which will be a nice little change to your living space.

These windows are quite easy to install and will quickly change any room in your house. Changing the feel of your house to make it a little more customized to your lifestyle. There are a variety of styles, designs and patterns. You have the classic praetorian designs which could include things like floral patterns scenes from nature. You have your mission style stained glass or go in a more religious direction. You really have to just take a look at the designs and choose which would fit you best there’s something for everybody.

You can buy the windows panels yourself or you can look into some stained glass kits and create them yourself. Just imagine waking up in the morning with light shining through your stained glass window panels. Now that’s a very beautiful and soothing way to start the day.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

An Overview of Stained Glass Kits

There are different types of stained glass kits available. These kits should include all the necessary tools, materials and supplies to get you started quickly and on the right track. For a more in depth descriptions on some of the tools listed below check out my last post title stained glass tools. It cover most of the items featured in these kits and the one’s that aren’t cover will be in future posts. Here is just a short list of the many stained glass kits available.

Stained Glass Tool Kits
There is quite a wide variety of stained-glass tool kits to choose from depending on exactly what you’re looking for I’ll try to cover this as best I can. Of course they are filled with great supplies more than likely professional quality and to get them in one kit is a very convenient and easy way to get the supplies you need. There are kits for beginners, experts, kids, leaded glass, jewelry, painting, fused glass, faux, mosaics, suncatchers, quilting and more. With a wide variety of toolkits available here is a list off many of the things you could possibly expect  Supercutter dry wheel glass cutter, soldering iron, abrasive stone, grozer pliers, running pliers, Sauter Magic flux, solder Magic flux remover, flux brushes, marking pen, fid and burnisher, Solder, copper foil, safety glasses, Cork-backed ruler, grit diamond hand pad, glass squares,

Stained Glass Kits For Beginners Or Starter Kits
There are some great stained glass kits available for beginners so you can learn for yourself this craft/art. These kits will include the necessary tools and supplies to get you started all in one package which is very convenient and saves you money. These can include things like glass grinders, glass cutters, a soldering iron, solder, soldering iron stand, instructional  DVDs, instructional books, pattern books, grozer pliers running pliers, copper foil, flux pen, a marking pen, safety glasses and precut glass.

Stained Glass Lamp Kits

These lamps just like any other lamp can be placed just about anywhere you need it or you find it most comforting. These will feature a lamp mold for your custom fuse glass lamps, adhesive pads, complete instructions, pre-wired light sockets, and a core double snap into place.

There’s also kits available if you wish to hang your lamp. Which featuring things like wiring, a chain, ceiling and toggle bolts, an in-line switch, wall plug, a socket, crossbar, nipples, lock nuts, washers and a loop.

Stained Glass Window Kits Leaded Glass

I’m sure you’ve seen leaded glass and wondered how they make it. They have tools and supplies for this to. These will include instructions and the techniques that you need to successfully pull off a leaded glass project, like a mini glass studio. These should inclued instructional DVDs, a glass cutter, running pliers, grozer pliers, soldering iron, stand, pattern shears, nippers, fid, knife, vise, wire brush, glazing hammer, stop blocks, horseshoe nails, flux pen, flux remover, black cement, whiting power, scrub brush, solder, lead came.

Stained Glass Painting Kits
There are easy to use stained glass paintings kits available were no kiln is needed and you can simply bake the paint in your household oven. You take a piece of glass, a vase, mirror or something similar and be creative with it and make a nice piece of art. You can do different things like decorating dishes but make sure you get lead free paint that is dishwasher safe.  These kits could include step-by-step easy-to-follow instructional books, some frosted paint, paint outliners, paint brushes, glossy paint mixing tray, tracings Reusche glass paint, badger blender brush, applicator brush, Tracer brush, stippling brushes, glass eyedropper, gum Arabic, pallet knife, storage case, iridescent medium.

Stained Glass Ornament Kits
If your looking to create ornaments there are stained glass ornament kits available where you can create them through the art of blown glass. You’ll more than likely need a hothead torch which may or may not be included sometimes they are not. You will roll the hot cylinder into Frit then proceed to blow and create your ornaments.  As for what these could include you‘ll probably see sealed end cylinders, silver plated caps and loops, Frit blend, millefiori assortment, scoring knife and tweezers.

Lead Glass Tool Kit

These can include instructional DVDs, pattern shears, nippers and fid, knife, vise, wire brush, glazing hammer, horseshoe nails,  black cement, whiting powder, scrub brush, solder, spectrum variety glass packs, stop blocks, flat u lead came, round h lead came.

Stained Glass Studio Kits
These are basically your very own studio to get you off and running. They will have things like a kiln, transparent pieces of fusible bull’s-eye glass, CBS dichroic pieces, a round shelf, kiln posts, shelf wash, haik brush, ceramic plate mold, instructional books, hot gloves, kiln stand, a DVD,

Morton System Startup Kit
Morton tools system is very popular and very reliable among enthusiasts because it’s accurate quick and easy use. Your able to measure your shapes and cut identical pieces over and over again with just one measurement. It’s a portable glass shop with maxi great work surface and safety break system.

Pattern Kits
There are pattern kits available that will include things like kryptonite transfer paper, study graphic paper, tracing vellum and marking pens.

These are things that these stained glass kits could include depending on which one you purchase. I think that covers most of them when it comes to the craft of stained glass. I hope you found this useful, I will try to cover some of the aforementioned tools more in depth in the future.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Stained Glass Tools List

Stained glass tools are obviously a necessity in this craft and today they are fairly inexpensive. Here is just a brief overview of the stained glass tools that you’ll come across and need for your future projects. Some of these tool names are pretty self-explanatory while others are not, either way I‘ll do my best to help you get more familiar with the tools for making stained glass.

Glass Cutters
Glass cutters are used to score your piece of glass so that you can eventually break it along the relief lines. Their different brands and companies such as studio Pro-diamond tech, Toyo , Inland,  Silberschnitt, Aanraku Studios

Glass cutters and the different grips.

Pistol grip-Designed to be easy hold and reduce wrist fatigue.

Pencil grip-Designed to make you feel like you have more control over your scores.

Easy grip-Customize your cutters length to fit your hand size.

Custom grip-These will have adjustable grip handles and saddles to help relieve hand fatigue

Thomas grip-The barrel is topped with a saddle.

Super cutter
These can go without changing heads for up to 25 times longer.

Oil filed cutters vs. Carbide dry wheel cutters

Oil filled- These automatically lubricate the cutter while your scoring. It also helps prevent little glass shards from popping up at you. These should include an oil applicator.

Carbide dry wheel-For those who prefer cutting without oil, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t or won’t use oil you can always dip the cutter in some.

I’m sure you familier with rulers you will use these to help make straight lines when you’re cutting your stained glass.  These are a little different than most regular rulers as it will have a corked back, this helps the ruler from sliding around the glass.

Glass Grinders
You need a glass grinder to give your stained glass projects that smooth edge or some nice curves. As far as brands go you got abrasive technology, diamond Tech, glastar, inland

Soldering Iron

Some brand companies include Weller, Inland, mika international, Hakko, Studio Diamond Tech.
Some soldering iron’s will have a built in temperature controller. Which eliminated the need for a rheostat. Some work good for both lead and foil work but others not so much.. Some will have a temperature control dial so you quickly change temperatures and they will probably feature insulated handles. You’ll want to get a decent one so you can get some smooth and even solder lines. There are some very handy ones that can handle intricate seams, good for repairing old solder work. Get one with easy tip changes and one were the tip will never freeze to the heating element.

This is basically a feasible metal alloy that you use to connect your pieces of stained glass. The companies I found were Canfield technologies, Mastercraft they’re all good for produces a smooth and clean bead.

60/40 solder
You have your 60/40 solder which is very useful for all skill lelevs. The 60/40 stand for 60% tin and 40% lead. This type of solder has a lower melting point than the 50/50 solder and produces a smooth and clean bead.

50/50 solder
The 50/50 Solder melts at a higher temperature and is half tin and half lead.

Lead free solder
Then there’s the lead free solder which is pretty self explanatory this is good for items that will be frequently touched or be around people and will work good for classrooms and workshops

Soldering Iron Stand

This will help you produce great solder lines and more importantly this will be used for your safety. You will definitely need one of these if you plan on soldering quite often. These stands can feature built-in temperature controls, sponges, a light, a magnifying glass and a coiled wire cage.

Instructional DVDs

Instructional DVDs might be one of the most essential tools you have simply because it can show you techniques patterns shortcuts and things of that nature to improve your skills.

Instructional Books
Instructional books and patterns books, these are just as essential as the DVDs. It’s always good to look back at these things to refresh your mind, take a break and maybe you’ll come up with something creative or give you incentive to try something new.

Grozer Pliers Breaker

These help you break apart the piece of glass that you just scored.

Running Pliers
I’m sure your already familiar with these companies Diamond Tech-studio Pro, Silberschnitt-Bohle, Glastar. Running pliers will help you with getting a clean break from the score on your class. All it takes is a little bit of pressure from the running pliers and you’ll get a nice break,

Copper Foil
You will use copper foil to make smooth and uniform solder bead. Some will be blacked lined others will be silver lined. There’s also scalloped copper foil which is basically a little more decorative. A few of the companies you shall see is venture tape and studio Pro

5/32“-This is very thin when compared to most copper foils.

7/32”-This should be good for standard thickness class.

½”- This size is very durable and what you’ll want to use on thicker glass.

¼”-You might want to use this size for glass that is just a little thicker than your average piece of glass.

5/16”-This is something you use on thicker class

3/8“-This is good for textured class, oiling together sandwich pieces of glass and on the hinge side of boxes

3/16”-This size is just a little thinner than the standard copper fault tape.


1mm- This thickness will be a little more easier to fold the edges down.

1.25mm- This is the standard size of copper foil right in the middle.

1.5mm-This size of thickness will prove to be very durable.


Usually a mix of zinc chloride, this is kind of a glue that helps your solder stick to your copper foil that holds a piece of class together.

Flux Brushes
Sounds pretty self-explanatory these are  brushes used to apply flux to your projects.

Flux Pen

This is a pen that tries to make it easier on you when applying flux.

Flux Remover

This is also self-explanatory this is used for removing flux.

Marking Pen

These are used to write and draw on glass and the markings will wash away with soap and water.

Safety Glasses

Safety glasses are worn to protect you from shards of glass or any other object that would hurt your eyes.

Well that’s a quick run down of the stained glass tools you need or will encounter in the stained glass craft. Their will no doubt be future posts on the tools and supplies you will need to create your art.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Crafts Stained Glass as an Art Form

When it comes to crafts stained glass it’s pretty impressive the way it can take light and refracts it. There was a time when stained glass was out of most people’s price range. Fast-forward to today and that’s not really the case anymore. You can now afford many stained glass items for today’s modern home. Not only is it more affordable but, it’s a lot easier for the average person or artist to create their own stained glass projects as a hobby or business.

I’m sure you’ve seen the complex mosaics in the windows of many churches. The beautiful bits of colored glass that tell stories from the Bible. It adds a bit of aura to a persons church going experience. This might have been your first introduction to stained glass windows. The designs really are very impressive to look at where you just have to stop for a second and admire the patterns and imagery.

Now when it comes to today there are many items that are very affordable to homeowners. There’s more than religious art there is a wide variety of stained glass products available. Just to name a few there’s stained glass sun catchers, mosaics, window art, jewelry, wind chimes, window panels, boxes and tissue paper.  All of them very great and unique items for your home or a cool gift idea.

It makes for a fun home improvement project kind of like an arts and crafts class. There are many new homes that feature colored glass with texture or beveled glass on doors and windows. With a wide array of pictures and images it definitely gives a home a personality.

It’s great for creating a relaxing setting because of the way it filters harsh sunlight and those vibrant colors can be placed just about anywhere. In your dining room, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom on your doors or cabinets and obviously in replacement of clear glass windows.

If you’re reading this and interested in stained-glass Louis Comfort Tiffany is the man who helped its popularity, he is widely credited for the movement in America. His famous Tiffany lamps are very impressive and very elegant. From an artistic standpoint you’ve got to admired Tiffany’s lamps and what he did for his craft.

Over time technology and other innovations in the art of creating stained-glass had made it easier for anyone to get into this craft. Stained glass tools are much more affordable today than they have ever been. Not only that but things like classes and craft shops make it easier for hobbyists to learn new techniques from fellow enthusiasts.

Aside from making it a hobby it’s possible to make this as another source of income if you can bear to part with your works of art. You can take your creations to places like an arts and crafts fair or your local flea market, show your artistic side and earn some extra income. Who knows you might be able to do this full-time.

If you’re interested in making money in the craft of stained glass you might want to try this idea, glass repair and restoration. As an artist you can help your customer with their glass repair needs and also add some insight. The materials and the tools that you need to do this are not hard to get a hold of especially if you’re on this site I provides links that point you in the right direction.

The Spectrum of colors, the textures , the patterns, the designs , the scoring, the soldering, and so on is what makes stained glass such an interesting craft.  Things like re-creating beauty of nature or making your home feel more alive you can take stained glass into many beautiful and different directions.

There is something special about stained glass that can have such a mesmerizing and powerful effect especially when you see things like large and detailed mosaics. The light shining through really is visually stunning and is just something where you have to stop and take a look.

As for the origins they go way back to ancient Egypt and the Romans, both were skilled at this craft. In more modern times it became pretty widespread in churches. Walking into your local church and seeing those beautiful works of art that involves a person’s faith can be a very powerful experience. And today many hobbyists and artist keep the tradition of stained glass alive. That’s a very brief overview of the history just thought I’d throw a little in here, who knows I could be writing about you next.

If you’re interested in stained glass or maybe just a beginner I will have more info in upcoming post all about learning and making stained-glass