Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Crafts Stained Glass as an Art Form

When it comes to crafts stained glass it’s pretty impressive the way it can take light and refracts it. There was a time when stained glass was out of most people’s price range. Fast-forward to today and that’s not really the case anymore. You can now afford many stained glass items for today’s modern home. Not only is it more affordable but, it’s a lot easier for the average person or artist to create their own stained glass projects as a hobby or business.

I’m sure you’ve seen the complex mosaics in the windows of many churches. The beautiful bits of colored glass that tell stories from the Bible. It adds a bit of aura to a persons church going experience. This might have been your first introduction to stained glass windows. The designs really are very impressive to look at where you just have to stop for a second and admire the patterns and imagery.

Now when it comes to today there are many items that are very affordable to homeowners. There’s more than religious art there is a wide variety of stained glass products available. Just to name a few there’s stained glass sun catchers, mosaics, window art, jewelry, wind chimes, window panels, boxes and tissue paper.  All of them very great and unique items for your home or a cool gift idea.

It makes for a fun home improvement project kind of like an arts and crafts class. There are many new homes that feature colored glass with texture or beveled glass on doors and windows. With a wide array of pictures and images it definitely gives a home a personality.

It’s great for creating a relaxing setting because of the way it filters harsh sunlight and those vibrant colors can be placed just about anywhere. In your dining room, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom on your doors or cabinets and obviously in replacement of clear glass windows.

If you’re reading this and interested in stained-glass Louis Comfort Tiffany is the man who helped its popularity, he is widely credited for the movement in America. His famous Tiffany lamps are very impressive and very elegant. From an artistic standpoint you’ve got to admired Tiffany’s lamps and what he did for his craft.

Over time technology and other innovations in the art of creating stained-glass had made it easier for anyone to get into this craft. Stained glass tools are much more affordable today than they have ever been. Not only that but things like classes and craft shops make it easier for hobbyists to learn new techniques from fellow enthusiasts.

Aside from making it a hobby it’s possible to make this as another source of income if you can bear to part with your works of art. You can take your creations to places like an arts and crafts fair or your local flea market, show your artistic side and earn some extra income. Who knows you might be able to do this full-time.

If you’re interested in making money in the craft of stained glass you might want to try this idea, glass repair and restoration. As an artist you can help your customer with their glass repair needs and also add some insight. The materials and the tools that you need to do this are not hard to get a hold of especially if you’re on this site I provides links that point you in the right direction.

The Spectrum of colors, the textures , the patterns, the designs , the scoring, the soldering, and so on is what makes stained glass such an interesting craft.  Things like re-creating beauty of nature or making your home feel more alive you can take stained glass into many beautiful and different directions.

There is something special about stained glass that can have such a mesmerizing and powerful effect especially when you see things like large and detailed mosaics. The light shining through really is visually stunning and is just something where you have to stop and take a look.

As for the origins they go way back to ancient Egypt and the Romans, both were skilled at this craft. In more modern times it became pretty widespread in churches. Walking into your local church and seeing those beautiful works of art that involves a person’s faith can be a very powerful experience. And today many hobbyists and artist keep the tradition of stained glass alive. That’s a very brief overview of the history just thought I’d throw a little in here, who knows I could be writing about you next.

If you’re interested in stained glass or maybe just a beginner I will have more info in upcoming post all about learning and making stained-glass