Saturday, October 17, 2009

An Overview of Stained Glass Kits

There are different types of stained glass kits available. These kits should include all the necessary tools, materials and supplies to get you started quickly and on the right track. For a more in depth descriptions on some of the tools listed below check out my last post title stained glass tools. It cover most of the items featured in these kits and the one’s that aren’t cover will be in future posts. Here is just a short list of the many stained glass kits available.

Stained Glass Tool Kits
There is quite a wide variety of stained-glass tool kits to choose from depending on exactly what you’re looking for I’ll try to cover this as best I can. Of course they are filled with great supplies more than likely professional quality and to get them in one kit is a very convenient and easy way to get the supplies you need. There are kits for beginners, experts, kids, leaded glass, jewelry, painting, fused glass, faux, mosaics, suncatchers, quilting and more. With a wide variety of toolkits available here is a list off many of the things you could possibly expect  Supercutter dry wheel glass cutter, soldering iron, abrasive stone, grozer pliers, running pliers, Sauter Magic flux, solder Magic flux remover, flux brushes, marking pen, fid and burnisher, Solder, copper foil, safety glasses, Cork-backed ruler, grit diamond hand pad, glass squares,

Stained Glass Kits For Beginners Or Starter Kits
There are some great stained glass kits available for beginners so you can learn for yourself this craft/art. These kits will include the necessary tools and supplies to get you started all in one package which is very convenient and saves you money. These can include things like glass grinders, glass cutters, a soldering iron, solder, soldering iron stand, instructional  DVDs, instructional books, pattern books, grozer pliers running pliers, copper foil, flux pen, a marking pen, safety glasses and precut glass.

Stained Glass Lamp Kits

These lamps just like any other lamp can be placed just about anywhere you need it or you find it most comforting. These will feature a lamp mold for your custom fuse glass lamps, adhesive pads, complete instructions, pre-wired light sockets, and a core double snap into place.

There’s also kits available if you wish to hang your lamp. Which featuring things like wiring, a chain, ceiling and toggle bolts, an in-line switch, wall plug, a socket, crossbar, nipples, lock nuts, washers and a loop.

Stained Glass Window Kits Leaded Glass

I’m sure you’ve seen leaded glass and wondered how they make it. They have tools and supplies for this to. These will include instructions and the techniques that you need to successfully pull off a leaded glass project, like a mini glass studio. These should inclued instructional DVDs, a glass cutter, running pliers, grozer pliers, soldering iron, stand, pattern shears, nippers, fid, knife, vise, wire brush, glazing hammer, stop blocks, horseshoe nails, flux pen, flux remover, black cement, whiting power, scrub brush, solder, lead came.

Stained Glass Painting Kits
There are easy to use stained glass paintings kits available were no kiln is needed and you can simply bake the paint in your household oven. You take a piece of glass, a vase, mirror or something similar and be creative with it and make a nice piece of art. You can do different things like decorating dishes but make sure you get lead free paint that is dishwasher safe.  These kits could include step-by-step easy-to-follow instructional books, some frosted paint, paint outliners, paint brushes, glossy paint mixing tray, tracings Reusche glass paint, badger blender brush, applicator brush, Tracer brush, stippling brushes, glass eyedropper, gum Arabic, pallet knife, storage case, iridescent medium.

Stained Glass Ornament Kits
If your looking to create ornaments there are stained glass ornament kits available where you can create them through the art of blown glass. You’ll more than likely need a hothead torch which may or may not be included sometimes they are not. You will roll the hot cylinder into Frit then proceed to blow and create your ornaments.  As for what these could include you‘ll probably see sealed end cylinders, silver plated caps and loops, Frit blend, millefiori assortment, scoring knife and tweezers.

Lead Glass Tool Kit

These can include instructional DVDs, pattern shears, nippers and fid, knife, vise, wire brush, glazing hammer, horseshoe nails,  black cement, whiting powder, scrub brush, solder, spectrum variety glass packs, stop blocks, flat u lead came, round h lead came.

Stained Glass Studio Kits
These are basically your very own studio to get you off and running. They will have things like a kiln, transparent pieces of fusible bull’s-eye glass, CBS dichroic pieces, a round shelf, kiln posts, shelf wash, haik brush, ceramic plate mold, instructional books, hot gloves, kiln stand, a DVD,

Morton System Startup Kit
Morton tools system is very popular and very reliable among enthusiasts because it’s accurate quick and easy use. Your able to measure your shapes and cut identical pieces over and over again with just one measurement. It’s a portable glass shop with maxi great work surface and safety break system.

Pattern Kits
There are pattern kits available that will include things like kryptonite transfer paper, study graphic paper, tracing vellum and marking pens.

These are things that these stained glass kits could include depending on which one you purchase. I think that covers most of them when it comes to the craft of stained glass. I hope you found this useful, I will try to cover some of the aforementioned tools more in depth in the future.