Sunday, November 1, 2009

Merry Stained Glass Christmas Ideas

Are you going to have a stained glass Christmas this year? There isn’t a more perfect way to decorate your household during this holiday. Since stained glass is closely related to church and other religious ideas it would be very fitting to have some stained glass decorations. Beautiful, fun and festive no matter how you celebrate this holiday. Here are a few suggestions for you and your loved ones this Christmas season.

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Holiday Family Bonding Project
If you have a family with children what a cool and fun way to spend indoors this winter than to have a family bonding Xmas project. Let the kids and yourself learn how to make stained glass items or learn to paint on glass. This kind of thing can mean a lot more than presents, years down the line you’ll have this beautiful lasting gift of creating homemade and very personalized memories with your family using stained glass kits.

Create Stained Glass Christmas Items
There are kits available with all the necessary tool for you and your family to work together to create Christmas related stained glass items if you don‘t already have these tools. They are very affordable and a great way to get your family together for some holiday bonding creating suncatchers, mosaics, window art, jewelry, wind chimes, window panels, crosses, boxes or what ever your holiday spirit desires.

Glass Painting
You might be thinking that it’s a little bit dangerous to have your children working around glass especially if they’re really young. But you also have the option of painting on glass objects things like dishes, drinking glasses, vases, mirrors or something similar. Paint Christmas tree’s, snowmen, snowflake’s, wreaths. stars, angels, a cross, reindeer’s or how about Santa Claus. Then you can keep them forever or use them as creative gifts, what grandmother wouldn’t like a gift from their grand children like this?

Create Christmas Tree Ornaments

Or if your looking for something to hang on the Christmas tree try blowing Christmas ornaments with a blown glass kit. These are fairly easy to do, You’ll heat up the glass at the end of a cylinder, blow into it and roll it in frit and you have you’re self an ornament.

Great Christmas Gift Ideas
Aside from creating stained glass items you can give them as gifts. As mentioned before it ties into the holiday very well with this craft being so closely associated with church. Of course the art and craft of stained glass isn’t limited to religious themes, as with any art form you will find something intriguing and something that you think is made just for you or for the people you are thinking about during this holiday season. Here is a short list of gift ideas you might want to consider window panels, suncatchers,  glass cookies, ornaments, figurines, miniatures, jewelry or how about some stained glass tools.

You can go for the big over the top gift or stick with something small and fun no matter what you give have a Merry stained glass Christmas..